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Committee Meeting Notes - September 2017

Meeting Notes and Actions – September 13th 2017

1.0  Apologies-  Trevor Hunt

2.0  Notice of Items to be raised under Any Other Business:

  • See 9.0 below

3.0  Minutes of last meeting and acceptance of same 


4.0  Matters arising not covered elsewhere on agenda (See AOB)


5.0  Secretaries Report Plus Adoption Groups Update (Duncan)

See Appendix -1-

6.0  Treasurer’s Report (Piers L)

See Appendix -2-

7.0 Membership Report (Kate)

Annual Veg Bash Session in October 2017


Annual Canal Vegetation Bash (clearing the offside vegetation from the canal side)

Join us on our work boat, heading up the Macclesfield Canal from Macclesfield to Marple, bashing all over hanging vegetation.

Are you a boater? A walker? A cyclist? A jogger? Join us and help make a huge improvement to the Macclesfield Canal!