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Some current things we are working on

I thought it worthwhile to give members an update on some current activities :

Heritage File - We held a meeting recently at Red Bull and have now agreed a way forwards , the next actions are to generate a User Requirement Specification and submit this to CRT for comment and to help them align and find the right resources , CRT are also keen to use this whole exersize to generate a template for use more widely across the network. We plan to add to the existing files (PDF documents) adding newer data (when and what we painted a structure) plus details CRT had missed (like missing wharves ) and also looking to add more social history content (including audio data , to capture those stories that exist in our heads ).The resulting file will be focussed on helping CRT , but longer term we may look to add this file to our own website.

Green Flags - We now have Green Flags on The Macc in Macclesfield , Bosley Top Lock and Scholar Green, and additional flag should be "planted" at Marple (CRT have offered to take the lead on this )

Milestone to be digitised- Yes we plan to digitise back copies of Milestone from 1 to 100 , we now have the original documents and the volunteers that have offered their time will start their scanning work very soon......

Piers , Caroline and I attended the Northern Canals meeting in Chesterfield in late February , this was a great oppourtunity to find out what other Societies are up to and network a little bit , we picked up some good ideas on how to re map the canal and perhaps copy their ideas on a canal handout leaflet..

Waterways Forum in April , the next waterways forum will be held in Kidsgrove Town Hall on 26th April , any one else interested in attending please let me know