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AGM Notes of Meeting :

Prior to the meeting copies of the agenda and financial statement were handed out to members .

The meeting was well attended with over 30 members attending on a cold wet election night in Macclesfield !

Kate Boson(Vice Chairman) introduced the 35th Macclesfield Canal Society AGM on 12th December 2019 , she started by re stating the aims/constitution of the Society as follows:

To advocate the development and maintenance of the Macclesfield Canal.

To promote the fullest use of the Macclesfield Canal in conjunction with its linking navigations.

To seek the full co-operation of The Canal & River Trust, Community groups and societies with similar aims and riparian authorities.

To achieve these aims, we have had the usual excellent series of talks at 9 indoor meetings (thanks to Stewart Smith), as well as a very warm HALOUS in August.

The Partnership Groups are doing a grand job – and cooperation of C&RT is very welcome (thanks to Duncan Learmond & Piers Lambert and others)

We have kept up the standard, having been awarded the Green Flag for yet another year – thanks to everyone involved.

other members of the Committee have been a great help in managing the activities of the Society. We appreciate the experience of Trevor Hunt (a member of the original Milestone Gang) and Ian Edgar (our President, whose work at Bugsworth Basin is a useful guide). We also benefit from Caroline Learmond’s efforts in marketing various items on behalf of the Society – her latest success is the new pin badges.

The new issue of our map is very popular (thanks to Tony Bonson) – there are a few changes, to be corrected at next issue. If you spot any more, please let us know.

Our quarterly magazine ‘Milestone’ is one of the best of its type, due to the excellent efforts of our Editors, Angela & Patrick, Marks, not to mention our various reporters.

Some members give talks to other groups, in particular Duncan & Tony; this is spreads the word about our wonderful canal and is a useful source of income.

We will discuss membership subs later – we need to increase the annual amount per member.

On the topic of Membership, I am sorry to report the death of Sheila Dawson, who died in November age 90. She, with her husband Tim, had been a member of the Society for very many years.

I would like to welcome new members who have joined in the last 12 months:

Martin Ashcroft, Mandy & Stuart Bain, Simon Gulliford, Trevor McBride, Phil Smith, Tim Swatridge, David Taylor.

Piers then took over to deliver the Financial Statement ,

The balance sheet for the Society was up on last year , with increases in HALOUS takings , donations , presentations giving us a bank statement of over £2054. Overall the income was up from £2532 to £3974 and Expenditure from £2765 in 2018 to £3757 in 2019 Piers went through the income and expenditure figures in detail.

Piers stated that the membership fee increase to £15 was unanimously backed by the committee and that this charge was still lower than most similar societies , and that at present the fee just about covered Milestone , and that this , though important was not the reason the Society existed . It was confirmed that a vote would take place to ensure the proposed increase was acceptable to the whole membership.

There was some discussion over renewal of Insurance , Piers had renewed the Insurance (which was via IWA) as this had not increased over 2018 costs and was considered as an essential for our meetings , events etc, it was agreed that this was the correct route , Ian Edgar confirmed that his insurance for Bugsworth was also via IWA and that would also renew their insurance for 2019/20

The Accounts Statement was audited by Alan Secker and signed off by him , he was thanked for his help with the accounts.

HALOUS was a success in 2019 but could not be relied on as the income was very weather dependant , it was agreed we should treat its income as a bonus , however, there were a few ideas being considered for HALOUS 2020 that might help with income , but having more cakes was one of the essential elements !

Kate then took over the lead of the AGM and her next action was to ask for re appoint the committee , this was agreed by the meeting and the committee members . In addition Tim Swatridge was proposed , seconded and voted onto the committee and thanked for joining the team .

Alan Secker was asked and agreed to audit the accounts for 2020 and agreed to help with this .

The new membership fee of £15 per household was proposed to the members and was unanimously passed by the membership , there were no objections . This will be the case for fees in November 2020 and members were asked to adjust their standing orders to ensure this happened next year .

Phil Smith introduced himself as a new member to MCS , Phil took over as lead CRT Volunteer Co-Ordinator from Ashleigh Carden and emphasised that the MCS Partnership Groups run by Piers and Duncan worked well and he was keen to simply carry on with these groups . Phil joined CRT in 2013 and was a keen boater and had run the volunteer groups on the Peak and Huddersfield narrow . He stated that a move to have volunteers help with PPMs (Planned Preventative Maintenance) was a good next step and demonstrated that the relationship was sound and moving forwards .

Ian Edgar wanted thank the Working Parties for a good job well done and hoped that everyone continued to enjoy the canals .

Sandwiches and Mince pies were enjoyed by all , many thanks to Stewart and Jenny Smith for organising this , plus a raffle was run by Piers and Tim , whilst Caroline offered the new MCS club pins for sale , together with cards , tea towels etc , following the supper we were entertained by Piers giving a summary of the work group activities , Tony Bonson on their trip to Germany , and Duncan who showed the BBC Canal Diaries video on the Macclesfield Canal .

Details on these t be provided by Penny Heath … … ..

Duncan Learmond