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Some current things we are working on June update

I thought it worthwhile to give members an update on some current activities :

Heritage File - A User Requirement Specification  has been generated and submit this to CRT for comment and to help them align and find the right resources , CRT are also keen to use this whole exersize to generate a template for use more widely across the network. We plan to add to the existing files (PDF documents) adding newer data (when and what we painted a structure) plus details CRT had missed (like missing wharves ) and also looking to add more social history content (including audio data , to capture those stories that exist in our heads ).The resulting file will be focussed on helping CRT , but longer term we may look to add this file to our own website.

Green Flags - We now have Green Flags on The Macc in Macclesfield , Bosley Top Lock and Scholar Green, and additional flag should be "planted" at Marple (CRT have offered to take the lead on this , thus far no flag at Marple ??) 

Milestone to be digitised- Yes we plan to digitise back copies of Milestone from 1 to 100 , we now have the original documents and the volunteers that have offered their time will start their scanning work very soon......this is progressing well and many thanks to david Clegg for his sterling work on this , almost done !

Piers , and I attended the waterways Forum in Kidsgrove for the annual update , the dredging work on the Macc will continue for the next 2 years , our budget for 10% of the network is 25% of the CRT capital spend so we are getting (more) than our fauir share ! Locks will be replaced in the 2018/19 outage this willinclude Lock -5- more deatils to follow 

Some other things include :

  1. Veg Bash 2018 in October
  2. Carry on with Bosley Flight work , we have re painted some beams but still lts of fence panels to paint 
  3. We are in the last throws of planning to work on the Bosley inflow feeders , just as well as the warm weather is upon us !
  4. Ongoing work with the Adoption Groups , we recently installed litter bins in Congleton , 4 bridges have been painted , and we plan to lay gravel in Poynton and Congleton in the next few months . Adoption Group attendance and the work done by the Roving Task Force Team has been exceptional .
  5. We plan to review the suggested locations for new mooring rings as part of the Rine the Ring initiative with IWA, this will happen in the Autumn timescale.
  6. In addition we are progressing on plans to paint the Dane Aqueduct off side as well this year ....