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New! The Macclesfield Canal Company - Interactions & Relationships

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History of the Macclesfield Canal

The society's historian and archivist, Graham Cousins, is an experienced historic researcher who has, over many years, sought out the origins, the people and the events that make the Macclesfield Canal what it is today. Much of Graham's research is now being prepared for publication in these pages and, together with other items, this page provides an index into the material.

The Building of the Macclesfield Canal, Graham Cousins, describes the 1824 proposal in detail followed by the building of the canal to the point of opening in November 1831.

The Macclesfield Canal - The Early Working Years, Graham Cousins, the opening of the canal plus insights into the operation of the canal during three periods up to 1846.

Committee papers provide an insight into the progress of construction with Crosley's reports for the years 1828 and 1829 and the Chairman's operational reports for the years 1833 and 1834.

New! The Macclesfield Canal Company - Interactions & Relationships

Edward Hall, Agent to the Macclesfield Canal Company, kept a journal from the day in 1806 when he joined the Navy until the late 1850s. It provides an extraordinary insight into this very well travelled man who had all the right connections!

Messrs Nowell & Sons, built the locks, the Dane aqueduct and the three miles to Buglawton. The history of this famous contracting family makes interesting reading. Relatives of the family live in the district (even in the same house) to this day.

A definitive list of wharves compiled in 1888. The list is provided in two sequences, alphabetic and lineal.

War relics on the canal around Bollington and Kerridge. An article researched and written by Malcolm Bower.

Research into Kerridge Wharf and Stone Saw Mill together with Keith Scammell's model.

The Kerridge breach ('Bollington Burst'), 1912

Chartist Riots, 1842