Walk the Macclesfield Canal!  


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Walk the Macclesfield Canal

While these pages are really about walks from the canal, I recognise that there are many who like to walk along the canal. This page is for them.

Some will walk from end to end, with maybe an overnight stop at a B&B or two along the line, as part of a longer walk - perhaps right round the Cheshire Ring. Others will prefer to take it in short stretches, doing a mile or two in a session and tackling another length on another occasion.

End to end

For those walking from end to end there is the small matter of which way to walk - north to south or south to north. This is probably dictated by other considerations. Whether, for instance, you are walking just the Macclesfield Canal or whether this canal is just a part of something bigger. There's not much difference in practice which way you walk, but if walking north to south you might have the sun in your eyes.

Assuming you want to start and end on the Macclesfield then suffice it to say that there are railway stations at both ends, Marple (Rose Hill or Marple) and at Kidsgrove.

You may need overnight accommodation in which case all the main population centres have B&Bs and/or small hotels.

Short stretches