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Edward Hall, Agent to the Macclesfield Canal Company

Edward Hall's Journal entries

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March 22

To Manchester and back

March 25

To Manchester and back

April 5

To Marple

April 8

To Hall Green

May 14

To Manchester and back

May 18

To London on a deputation

May 19

Meeting of canal deputations at the Grand Junction Canal office. Returned home

May 29

To Manchester and back

June 4

To Hall Green to examine Mr Robert Williamson's railway

June 5

Tried Mr Sutton's steam boat on the canal

July 1

Ryle's Bank stopped payment

July 12

To Manchester and back

August 11

To Manchester. Sent testimonials to the directors of the Manchester & Birmingham Railway. Slept at Heelis'

August 14

To Dane Aqueduct

August 16

To Manchester. Dined at Rowland Bent's

August 17

Canal Committee at Heelis' office. Salary reduced to £400. Dined at Mr Fleming's

August 18

Returned to Macclesfield

September 2

To Manchester. Audience with the directors of the Manchester & Birmingham Railway

September 13

To Manchester to meet Coventry Canal Committee at Kenworthy's

October 13

To Manchester and back

November 8

To Manchester about canal assessments. Slept at Heelis'

November 17

To Marple etc.

December 9

To Congleton etc.

December 14

To Congleton etc.

December 16

Meadows "came over"

December 18

To Bollington



February 21

To Hall Green. Mr Robert Williamson's Railway Tunnel etc.

March 4

To Manchester and back

March 10

Appeal against Marple rates at Stockport

April 6

To Manchester about Dane Aqueduct

April 16

With Mr G W Buck to examine the state of the Dane Aqueduct. Mr and Mrs Buck to dinner

April 26

With the Subcommittee to Mr Robert Williamson's

May 5

Appeal agaiXXXto see Mr Buck

May 28

To Hall Green etc.

Jun 13

To Dane Aqueduct. Men building buttresses

Jun 18

To Dane Aqueduct. "Boys with me"

Jun 22

To Peak Forest Canal etc. "The two Boys with me"

July 1

To Dane Aqueduct. "Mrs Edward and the children with me to Cloud Hill"

July 6

To Dane Aqueduct with the two boys and up the Cloud Hill

July 12

To Manchester and back

July 15

In boat with the boys to Marple, Ashton, Manchester and back home

July 28

With boys to Dane Aqueduct and to Mr Daintry's at North Rode

August 19

Heelis dined with the Hall's

August 23

To Dane Aqueduct

August 24

To Manchester and back

August 30

To Manchester to see Mr Buck

September 2

To Manchester

September 19

With Mr Buck to Dane Aqueduct

October 4

To Dane Aqueduct with the Ladies and Boys. To Astbury and Old Moreton Hall

October 5

With boys to Dane Aqueduct

December 1

To Congleton etc

December 7

To Marple in Boulton's Fly Boat

December 26

To Ramsdell Hall. Opening of Mr Williamson's Railway


January 9

Attended Income Tax Commission

January 13

Severe storm

February 19

Heavy gale of wind broke four windows and damaged the roof of the house

March 10

To Marple about the Canal Income Tax

March 13

To Hall Green. Cinder Hill etc.

March 17

An earthquake

March 22

To Manchester about loans to Canal Company

May 4

To Congleton. Pulling down the Canal Bridge No 75

May 11

To Manchester and back

Jun 7

At Bollington stopping leak in canal bank

Jun 11

To the Locks, Hall Green etc. Slept at Mr Williamson's

Jun 20

To Manchester and back

Jun 30

With "Mrs. Edward" and children to Gawsworth, Astbury, Moreton Hall, Hall Green and back

July 3

To Marple

July 22

To Manchester to attend Peak Forest Committee

August 4

Mr and Mrs Meadows dined with the Hall's

August 23

To Manchester and back

September 20

To Manchester and back

September 23

To Manchester and back

October 2

To Manchester and back

December 7

To Manchester and back. Charles better

December 22

To Manchester - at Heelis'