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... and the odd restaurant and takeaway! Listed from north to south.

Cafés are also included in a separate section.

Please note - the individual pub pages are being re-developed; several pages do not yet contain data or pictures and the map links have not all been set!

An * indicates those premises within about 100 metres of the Macclesfield Canal. Those pubs that are known to serve food are indicated as such. Table booking is not normally necessary in pubs but some establishments will reserve tables on request. However, there are some notable establishments that should always be booked, and these are noted as such. Those pubs without mention of food in the list below may well serve food - so check to clear doubt! Many of these pubs have their own pages - links are provided in the detail pages. Distances are approximate - I didn't pace them out!

The pub trade is in a period of some turmoil. Closures are common, often at short notice, and I don't always get to hear of them doing so in a timely manner. So I apologise if you should turn up at one and find it gone! If that does happen, please send me a message - there is an email link at the bottom of every page.


  • Navigation Hotel; Marple near br.1. Go down lock flight to main road, turn left, 50 metres.
  • *Ring O'Bells; Marple br.2. Food.
  • The Crown; Hawk Green, Marple, 150m uphill from br.3, 300m from br.4. Food.

High Lane

  • Royal Oak, Horse Shoe Inn, Dog & Partridge; High Lane br.11.
  • *Bull's Head; High Lane br.11.
  • *High Lane Balti Cuisine; I think this is a take away only. Close to br.11. 01663-766686.
  • *China Garden; Chinese take away. Close to br.11. 01663-763225.
  • Thai Restaurant; adjacent to Canal Company warehouse in High Lane Arm, downhill from br.11 on left. 01663-765005.

Higher Poynton, Wood Lanes

  • *Boar's Head; Higher Poynton br.15 100m, food at lunch time. 01625-876676.
  • *Miners Arms; Wood Lanes br.18, down lane, right at junction. Food lunch and dinner, every day. 01625-872731.


  • For descriptions and locations (with map) of all the Bollington pubs, cafés, restaurants and hotels see the Happy Valley web site pub pages. There is a huge range of excellent meals available, not to mention the real ales, way beyond what might be expected in such a small town. They even have two prize winning breweries!
    Many of these establishments are accessed via hole i' the wall steps near br.27. Find these by coming off the towpath a few metres north of br.27 and following the footpath in front of Aqueduct Cottage. The steps are very steep and not suitable for small children, dogs or anyone with walking difficulties. In that case we recommend that you walk down the street (Hurst Lane) and turn sharp right at the bottom, or cross the canal via footbridge 26A (by Clarence mill) and walk down Clarence Road to Palmerston Street.
  • The Windmill Inn; Whiteley Green, downhill 250m from br.25, good food. Booking advised for evenings 01625-574222.
  • The Vale Inn and Brewery Tap; Bollington, 200m downhill from br.26 (no footpath along winding lane); down track off towpath 10m from br.26A, tight right into park, cross to diagonally opposite corner, pub among the cottages, or downhill from br.27, left at Palmerston Street, turn right at Adlington Road, then 250m. Good food every lunch and dinner. They brew their own prize winning ales! Free house, regular CAMRA recognition.
  • Dog & Partridge; 150m downhill from br.27, left at Palmerston Street, on right. Drinkers pub, no food. Robinson's beers.
  • Holly Bush; Now CLOSED! Future uncertain. 200m via hole i' the wall steps near br.27, right along Palmerston Street, over river bridge, on left, food; check on 01625-573073. Robinson's beers.
  • Spinner's Arms; 250m via hole i' the wall steps near br.27, right along Palmerston Street, over river bridge, on right opposite public car park. Popular drinkers pub, no food.
  • Church House Inn; via hole i' the wall steps near br.27, right along Palmerston Street, continue to mini-roundabout, right into Church Street, 70m on left, good food every lunch time and evening. Booking advised for evenings 01625-574014.
  • Poachers Inn; via hole i' the wall steps near br.27, featuring beers from the Happy Valley Brewery and others; right along Palmerston Street, continue to mini-roundabout, then ahead up Ingersley Road, passing the New Con Club (members club) and the Cotton Tree (no food), just past the Viceroy Indian restaurant, on the right, at far end of terrace, about 300m (about ¾ mile in total). Good food lunch and dinner every day except Monday (you can bring your own food on Mondays, eg. Italian, Chinese or Indian takeaway, they provide plates and cutlery), booking 01625−572086. Free house, regular CAMRA recognition and well worth the walk!
  • Crown Inn; find as for Church House above, but continue to far end of Church Street. A bit far but noted for its wonderful pizzas; also takeaway pizzas and other dishes. Also sells very good beer.
  • Briscola Restaurant; Italian cuisine; also takeaway, lunch and dinner Tuesday to Friday, dinner Saturday from 4.30pm, Sunday lunch, dinner and Sunday booking recommended 01625-573898, via hole i' the wall steps near br.27, right along Palmerston Street, on the right 20m past river bridge.
  • Lime Tree Restaurant; via hole i' the wall steps near br.27, right along Palmerston Street, right into High Street, 90m on left. Book for evening 01625-578182.
  • Oliver at Bollington Green; English cuisine, Michelin listed; Closed Sunday evening and all day Monday & Tuesdays during winter season - please phone to check, booking advised 01625-575058, via hole i' the wall steps near br.27, right along Palmerston Street, right into High Street, 100m on left.
  • Chinese chippy takeaway, via hole i' the wall steps near br.27, right along Palmerston Street, 250m beyond river bridge, on left; open 5.30 to late, closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • Viceroy Restaurant; Indian cuisine; also takeaway, open every evening and Sunday lunch, booking 01625-573006 / 572304, via hole i' the wall steps near br.27, right along Palmerston Street, continue to mini-roundabout, then ahead veering right up Ingersley Road, about 300m (about ¾ mile in total).
  • Bayleaf lounge bar & restaurant; Indian cuisine; also takeaway, booking 01625-576465. 250 metres downhill from Adelphi wharf via aqueduct steps and Grimshaw Lane. Monday-Saturday from 5.00pm, Sunday from 1.00pm.
  • Olivea Pizzas takeaway, next door to Bayleaf above. Just very good pizzas.
  • Lord Clyde; Clarke Lane westwards half mile from br.29. Very good food lunch time and evenings. Book for peak times, 01625-573202.


  • Three Crowns, Hurdsfield; uphill 300m from br.34.
  • *Britannia, Hurdsfield; downhill 100m from br.34.
  • *Puss in Boots; canal side at br.37.
  • The Wharf, Brook Street; downhill from br.37, 1st left into Union Street, continue past marina entrance, becomes Brook Street, on left, altogether 400m.
    Highly rated by local CAMRA group! Outstanding beers. Well worth the walk.
  • *Navigation 150m downhill from br.38; 100m br.39, to road, on left, or downhill and 1st right from br.40.
  • Many pubs in Macclesfield town centre; downhill half mile from br.34, 35, 37, 40.


One of the most popular overnight stops between br.43 and br.44 with lots of deep mooring space along the embankment with access in either direction.

  • *Ye Olde King's Head; Gurnett, 01625−423555, opening 12.00 daily; down steps at Gurnett (Sutton) aqueduct. Good beer and food.
  • The Sutton Gamekeeper; Half mile from Gurnett (Sutton) aqueduct in Sutton village; good beer, excellent food, game a speciality.
  • *Sutton Hall; Sutton, 200m driveway adjacent to br.44, 01260−253211; beautiful Tudor building prize winning restoration 2008, pub and restaurant, very good food every session, big choice of cask ales (Brunning & Price free house); beer prices slightly higher than local average.

Oak Grove to Buglawton

  • *Fool's Nook; CLOSED AGAIN Future uncertain. Oak Grove br.49, 01260-253662. Popular overnight stop with lots of mooring space. Accident blackspot! Cross the main road with great care! Please supervise children!!
  • Bosley locks; Unfortunately there are no pubs near to Bosley locks. The nearest are two located in Bosley village c.1 mile east of br.55 (turn right at traffic lights, but no path or grass verge on most of A54, therefore a very dangerous walk!). Bosley village can also be approached via br.57, just south of the Dane Aqueduct, following the public footpath eastwards across the fields to Bosley Mills over the river bridge and go straight on (don't turn with the road) through the mill yard under the railway bridge (can be rather wet) and then follow the footpath up to Bosley village (total distance about 1 mile).
  • Robin Hood, Buxton Road (A54), Buglawton, Congleton (1/3 mile uphill from br.61); Good overnight moorings by br.61. Good food.
  • Church House, Buglawton; food 01260−272466; third of a mile west from br.68. Robinson's beers.


Town pubs noted for the wide variety of real ales available.

  • *Railway (access via steps from towpath under high level bridge); food; Congleton Hightown br.75.
  • *Queen's Head (access steps from towpath south of railway bridge); Congleton Hightown br.75.
  • Beartown TapExternal link; the Beartown Brewery tap, all cask ales and little else; close to Congleton town centre, west of canal, access from br.68 (closest), br.75 or Dog Lane Aqueduct at least 1 mile, in Willow Street, 200m along A54 (signed Buxton) from round-about at east end of Mountbatten Way (the dual-carriageway). Very highly recommended for real ale aficionados.
  • Piano Bar, Bull's Head Hotel, The Blossoms and others; in Congleton town centre, west of canal, access from br.68, br.75 or Dog Lane Aqueduct at least 1 mile.
  • *The Wharf (downhill 50m); Congleton, Dog Lane Aqueduct.

Astbury to Kent Green

  • Egerton Arms, Astbury Village, west c.1 mile from br.79 and 80, good food, restaurant service if preferred to bar.
  • Horse Shoe Inn, in the lanes to the east of the canal at Lockett's Tenement c.1 mile from br.80 and Watery Lane aqueduct.
  • Peck's Restaurant on A34 south of Astbury, near Great Moreton Hall; 1 mile west of br.83 and br.85. Superior quality dining. Lunches and dinners (Tues to Sat, 7 courses Thur to Sat!), Sunday Plat du Jour lunch. Famous for their pudding experience! Booking essential at this prize winning restaurant, 01260−275161.

Kent Green, Scholar Green, Hall Green

Red Bull, Hardings Wood

  • Red Bull; Red Bull adjacent to lock 43 T&MC, access from Macclesfield Canal via steps at Pool Stock aqueduct; food.
  • *Canal Tavern; off side at Harding's Wood junction beside lock 41 T&MC.
  • *Blue Bell; specialises in real ale! Also outstanding selection of continental bottled lagers. Towpath side at Harding's Wood junction. A must for beer and lager drinkers.


  • Higher Poynton: *Bayley's Trading Post (01625-872277); chandlery, fuels, maps & guides, canalia, teas, ices, provisions, day boat hire.
  • Higher Poynton: Coffee Tavern & General store, 150m from br.15.
  • Wood Lanes; br.18: *Lyme Breeze Café-restaurant.
  • Bollington Clarence Mill canalside: *Café Waterside (9.00-10.00pm, 7 days, 01625 575563) by br.26A. This is listed under cafes but you can get a very good meal here!