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These pages are under construction, therefore the information is somewhat limited but will be added to over time.

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Walks from the Macclesfield Canal


Of course the Macclesfield Canal itself makes an enjoyable walk and very many people exploit this linear park by walking sections or even the whole of the 27½ miles of the canal, which is also one section of the Cheshire Ring Canal Walk. There are plenty of guides to its course and I will not repeat them all here. Suffice to point you to my online maps of the canal prepared with all users in mind, and my short guide, The Macclesfield & Upper Peak Forest Canals - 2000/01 Guide, which is now only available from the Bollington Discovery Centre or the Macclesfield Canal Society, price £2.95, or by mail order with all profits going to The Macclesfield Canal Society.

In these pages I will note some of the many walks that can be taken from the canal - the canal providing the start and finish point and maybe a short part of the walk. Most public footpaths in this part of Cheshire are properly way marked and the attentive walker will not usually have any difficulty finding their way. However, it is always useful to have the appropriate Ordnance Survey map handy both to provide confirmation of the route and to identify added interest along the way.

Walks index

Other than the first walk, which is along the canal, the walks from the canal are listed from north to south together with their start/end point, approximate length and difficulty. Each is described in a separate page, click on the walk title:

Walk Start/end Distance* Difficulty

IWPS New Year 2013 walk

Clough Bank car park, off Grimshaw Lane, Bollington

c.2.5 hours Easy

The canal


Choose your length

Level! (or small slopes along the locks)


Rose Hill station1

Approx 3 miles


Lyme park

Higher Poynton

3 miles


Long Lane, Styperson

Whiteley Green




Lord Vernon's wharf, Bollington



Kerridge Hill








The Cloud

Bridge 72, Vaudrey's wharf

2.5 miles


Mow Cop

Scholar Green


Moderate but tiring!

* Please note that the distances given are in miles and are all approximate - the routes have not been accurately measured! 

1 This walk is described in another web site and while it starts and ends at Rose Hill, the local railway station, it includes a length of the canal from bridge 8 to near bridge 4.

I am always pleased to receive an email from walkers especially if you have followed one of these walks. Please tell me if you did or did not enjoy it, if you found the route instructions to be unclear or inaccurate, or if you found the walk to be different, in your experience, to the difficulty rating indicated. I strive to continuously improve the description and route of the walks. If you have favourite walks from the canal that I have not mentioned, please tell me and I will try and review them and write them up in this collection.

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