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Edward Hall

Edward Hall, Agent to the Macclesfield Canal Company


Edward Hall was Agent to the Macclesfield Canal Company from 16 May 1826 to 19 September 1844. He was the son of David Hall and Mary Huxley. His father was Mayor of Macclesfield and the family lived at Butley Hall, Macclesfield. Edward Hall was born 6 May 1793 and died 14 December 1874. He attended King’s School, Macclesfield.

John Gardner, of Bridlington, has transcribed and indexed Edward Hall’s diary – his Journal. Edward Hall was John Gardner’s great great grandfather. Edward’s eldest son, Clarence, was the father of John Gardner’s grandmother. The Journal - a single notebook - has entries always on the right hand page. When Edward Hall reached the end of the notebook he turned the book upside down and continued – until he ran out of paper – then he stopped! The first entry is dated 6 April 1806 – the final entry was made in December 1858.

John Gardner began transcribing the Journal in 1989 using a BBC Micro, which was subsequently replaced by a Compaq. I believe that John Gardner completed the transcription in 2000.

I received a copy of this transcription (a very substantial A5 sized document, also containing photocopies of original pages from the Journal, an index and appendices) in September 2001. The transcription also contains fascinating details of contemporary events for the years covered by the Journal.

I have “transcribed” a little of John Gardner’s transcription! Edward Hall joined the Navy from school and became Aide de Camp to the Duke of Clarence. He travelled widely throughout Europe. I have concentrated on Edward Hall’s involvement with the Macclesfield Canal and the surrounding district. A most revealing aspect of this was Edward Hall’s close professional and personal / family relationships with Stephen Heelis, Solicitor to the Canal Company, and with James Meadows, Agent to the Peak Forest Canal Company.

Graham Cousins
September 2002