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Edward Hall's Journal 1826-1835

Edward Hall, Agent to the Macclesfield Canal Company


Edward Hall's Journal entries


... listing his activities relating to the Macclesfield Canal and other local interests.


Edward Hall's diary provides a fascinating insight into the activities, interests and acquaintances of this busy man. While this page lists only those entries relating to the Macclesfield or adjacent canals and railways, the full document records his life from 6th April 1806, the day he joined the Navy, until late in the 1850s, when he was involved in all kinds of railway projects, not all of them successful. The entries below are the complete entry - they are not simply headings; there is no additional text. So many questions - so few answers!





May 16

Accepted the situation of Agent to the Macclesfield Canal


Occupied levelling and surveying the intended line of the canal along with Messrs Crosley and Taylor


August 30-31

Committee of Macclesfield Canal at Congleton

December 12

Canal Committee at Congleton to let the second part of the lots to the contractors


May 3

To Congleton and back on canal business

May 12

To Congleton and back on canal business

October 21

To Congleton and back

November 19

To Congleton and back


January 14

To Congleton and back

July 26

To Trent & Mersey Canal office at Stone

September 9

With Meadows along the Ashton Canal

September 14

To Stone - Trent & Mersey office

September 16

To Etruria and Newcastle and back to Macclesfield


May 8

To Congleton and back

July 28

Attended a formal reception in London for the new King - King William IV. Called on Prince Leopold and the Duchess of Kent [mother of the future Queen Victoria].

August 26

To Congleton


January 8

Joseph Buckley arrived

January 12

Joseph Buckley left

January 15

To Marple and back

February 18

To Congleton, Red Bull, Tunstall, Biddulph etc.

March 8

To Bollington, Marple

April 5

To Congleton

April 22

To High Lane

April 23

To Congleton

May 12

Joseph Buckley dined

June 22

At Calder and Hebble Canal office. Dined with William Morris

June 23

To Huddersfield. Called on Mr Raistrick and Mr Bradley Clay. Dined at Mr Atkinson's

June 30

Attended Huddersfield Canal meeting at Ashton

August 6

Salary from Macclesfield Canal Company raised to £300 per annum

August 22

Wife and children at Runcorn. Went by steam boat from Weston Point to Anderton and Northwich and then by coach to Middlewich and to Macclesfield

September 1

Commenced building new canal office

October 27

To Congleton, Red Bull etc.

November 9

The opening of the Macclesfield Canal.
Dinner at the Town Hall for 400 guests


April 4

Removed desks, books etc from canal office on the Green to the new office on the wharf

June 30

Took his wife and children in boat to Marple

July 13

To Manchester. Slept at Mr Meadows'

October 11

Meeting in Manchester of the Committees of the Ashton, Peak Forest and Macclesfield Canals

December 7

To Manchester. Slept at Mr Pickford's


August 28

To Red Bull and back

October 7

Canal Committee at Red Bull

December 6

Subcommittee of canal at High Lane to meet Mr Baxendale

December 7

To Manchester. Slept at Mr Pickford's


February 11

Canal Subcommittee met to examine the charges against Mosedale and Kinsey

February 22

Mosedale and Kinsey discharged

February 24

R Turner began as his clerk at the Canal Office

March 3

Kinsey reinstated

May 10

Mr Turner left the Canal Company's service

June 7

To Hall Green and back

November 13

To Bosley Locks with the boys

November 28

To Whitelaggs Wharf with the boys


June 25

To Congleton and Hall Green

July 1

To Congleton and back

July 7

By boat to Hall Green and slept at the Red Bull

July 8

Committee surveyed the canal

September 25

To Congleton with the boys