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Edward Hall's Journal 1844

Edward Hall, Agent to the Macclesfield Canal Company


Edward Hall's Journal entries





August 25

With Hamilton to Birmingham

August 26

To Derby, Leicester and Nottingham - to see the Subcommittees at each place, then back to Derby and thence to London

August 29

Called on Buck, Ord, Williams & Co., Scott etc. then down to Leicester

August 30

Interview with Mr Berridge, then up to London again and thence back again to Leicester

August 31

Returned home. Canal business. Bank labourers pay day etc.

September 2

To Manchester. Called on Hamilton and Buck

September 3

Meeting with Mr Buck and Mr Hamilton. Returned home. With Mr Watts on canal business

September 4

At canal office with Mr Norbury etc. To London

September 5

Called on Mr Glyn. Audience with the Board of Trade in company with Hamilton, Macaulay and Buck

September 6

Attended the Board of Directors of the London & Birmingham Railway. Meeting Ord, Buck, Gravatt etc. Down to Manchester

September 7

Sending out new plans and prospectus. Returned home

September 9

To Manchester

September 11

From Manchester to Birmingham

September 12

Railway Committee at Birmingham. Returned home

September 16

To Manchester. Slept at Hamilton's

September 17

Allotment of Churnet Valley Railway shares. Slept at Hamilton's

September 19

Macclesfield Canal committee - gave up the principal agency of the canal

September 25

Issuing railway scrip at Manchester and getting deeds signed. Dined with Critchley

September 28

Issuing scrip at Macclesfield

October 1

Interview with Lord Dalhousie and the Board of Trade (London). Issuing scrip and getting deeds signed

October 9

Churnet Valley Railway Committee at Queen's Hotel, Birmingham. Thence to Manchester

October 12

Messrs Watts and Norbury audited the canal accounts.
Received a present as a Testimonial from the servants of the Macclesfield Canal Company