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Edward Hall's Journal 1836-1840

Edward Hall, Agent to the Macclesfield Canal Company


Edward Hall's Journal entries





March 21

With Mr Stanley  and his son Owen to examine the stone quarries in Sutton

May 12

With Mr Philips, Mr Watts and Mr Nichols to Biddulph and Knypersley

June 6

To Manchester to meet the Committee of the Ashton and Peak Forest Canals about the proposed new Birmingham & London Canal

June 23

To Marple

June 29

With Mr Philips and Mr Watts on deputation to the Birmingham Canal Company

June 30

To Birmingham. Dea's Hotel

July 1

In Committee Boat with several other deputations to examine the new works of the Birmingham Canal

July 2

With Meadows to several canal offices

July 13 - 14

Survey of canal

August 24

To Manchester about the Sutton Reservoir

August 30

Dined at Mr Cholmondeley's - Knutsford

August 31

With Messrs Cholmondeley, Winter, Brown, Watts and Meadows to Anderton and Dutton and returned to Knutsford. Dined at Mr Cholmondeley's and returned home

September 7

With Mr Brown to examine the site of the intended Sutton Reservoir

October 29

To Manchester about the Sutton Reservoir


May 24

Public Dinner at Hotel on occasion of Princess Victoria's 21st birthday

June 26 - 27

Survey of Peak Forest Canal

September 18

Lonsdale, the Canal Clerk, died

September 21

Attended Lonsdale's funeral

September 22

Embankment of canal at Jolley's Valley gave way

November 29

With Nichols to survey proposed Biddulph Canal and Railway


January 3

F A Philips arrived

January 4

With him to Biddulph and back

January 5

Philips left

January 13

To Manchester and dined at the bank with F A Philips

January 14

Dined at Thornfield with F A Philips and returned home

January 22

To Congleton and back

January 26

To see Mr H H Williamson

February 2

Dined at Mr Robert Williamson's, Ramsdell Hall, to meet Mr Watts. Slept at Congleton

February 3

With Mr McKenzie and Nichols to Biddulph, dined at Congleton and returned home

February 7

To Congleton and back

February 15

To Congleton and Biddulph with McKenzie

February 28

To Manchester with Nichols to meet McKenzie about proposed Biddulph Canal and Railway

April 4

To Newcastle to see Mr Thomas Fenton on the Biddulph business

May 21

To Manchester. Wrote to Mr Winter about Grand Junction Railway. Dined and slept at Thomas Bent's

May 22

Introduced to Mr Thomas Cooke

June 1

Canal burst at Clayton's new basin

June 25

Sent testimony to Grand Junction Railway Company

August 28

Meeting of Carriers and Canal Companies at Dee's Hotel

August 29

Returned to Macclesfield

September 15

Dined with Meadows. Returned home

September 17

To Hall Green and back

December 3

To Stone - Trent & Mersey Select Committee

December 7

Macclesfield Canal Committee. Salary raised to £500 per year


During 1838 Edward Hall gradually became more involved with projected railway companies - later events indicate some unsuccessful ventures


January 28

Meadows "came over" to dine

January 30

To Manchester to attend meeting of the Ashton and Peak Forest Committees

February 5

To Manchester on business with Meadows, Simpson, Buckley. Dined at T Bent's

February 6

Dined at Rowland Bent's

February 8

To Manchester. Called on Mr Cooke, Mr Robert Garnett and Mr Winter. Slept at T Bent's. Sent testimonial to the directors of the London & Birmingham Railway

February 18

To Manchester and back

February 22

To Red Bull, Hall Green and back

February 27

By railway to London

February 28

Attended London & Birmingham Board of Directors. Mr Baxendale elected. Returned home

February 29

Macclesfield Canal Committee

March 27

To Manchester to attend Peak Forest Canal Committee

April 13

To Congleton and back

May 28

To Congleton

May 29

To Marple

June 17

F A Philips came

June 18

With F A Philips and Mr Watts to Mr Robert Williamson's

June 22

To Manchester and back

July 15

To Manchester and back

August 13

With wife to Manchester to visit Mr and Mrs Meadows. To the Opera - edI Puritani

August 15

Returned home. Overturned in the Potter Coach. Several passengers hurt

September 4

Mrs Meadows and the children came - left on 12 September

September 13

To Congleton

October 18

To Congleton

November 27

To Manchester and back. Meeting of the three Subcommittees of canals

November 30

James Dale left his employment


January 3

F A Philips arrived

June 3

To Manchester and Liverpool

June 5

To Manchester. Dined with Aspinal Philips and returned home

June 8

To Manchester to attend meeting of the Committees of the three canals and returned home

June 18

Seized Robins & Co cart horses. Went to Manchester and back

June 23

To Coventry to attend meeting of canal delegates

July 4

To Manchester and back

August 18

To Manchester and back

August 31

To see Mr Heelis. Manchester Concert

November 2

To Stockport to swear in Canal Constables

November 21

To Congleton for same

December 17

To Manchester and back