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9th to 13th October Annual Offside Veg Bash

11/10/2017 - 10:00
Day -3- Bollington Aqueduct to Wood Lanes Br 18
We are running the Off side Veg Bash session for 2017.
And we would like you help please .
This year we will travel from Macclesfield to Marple as part of our three year rotational programme that some of you are familiar with …for those who are not…. we work a rota of Macc to Marple this year, Peak Forest next year then in 2019 we repeat the Kidsgrove to Macclesfield stretch…..then we start all over again !! Yes the Forth Road Bridge analogy is very apt !
If you can do one day or more that would be greatly appreciated ……..please see our planned work days below ……let me know which day or days you can help us .
This is tough dirty work so you need to wear old clothes , stout footwear , bring some lunch with you too, we will provide ample mugs of tea and biscuits too . This is greta fun , we will be on a CRT boat and removing off side vegetation from the boat or the bank , and of course all safety gear too.
Park at one of the locations listed below and we will then arrange for you to get a lift back to the days start point by car ...
Please reply to myself or Ashleigh Carden ………we look forward to seeing you next month .
Dates and Locations :

Overall we will run this event from 9th to 13th October using a CRT work boat , helmsman and volunteers .
All PEP (Safety equipment) and tools will be provided by CRT.
Volunteers need to come dressed in old clothes as this is not a clean job !
This should include , wet weather gear , hats, sturdy footwear, gloves……..and lunch !
The Team will organise transport back to our start point at the end of the days session and hot drinks .
Day-1-  9th and 10th October - Macclesfield to Bollington - meet on 9th at Br 37 (CRT boat will moor on the new visitor pontoon).
Day-2- 10th October , our start point will depend on progress on Day-1- but we anticipate it will be around Br 29/30. End point will be Br27 Bollington Aqueduct ,  Hurst Lane.
Day-3- 11th October , Start Point , Bollington Aqueduct past Br 27 and we anticipate the end point to be Br 18 Wood Lanes area (opposite Lyme View Marina).
Day-4- 12th October , Start Point , Wood Lanes , past Br 18 and we anticipate the end point to be around Br11 High Lane ..
Day-5- 13th October , Start Point Br 11 High Lane area , end point Marple wharf Marple Br 2