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Canal Society Photographic Competition for 2019 see details below

Macclesfield Canal Society- Photographic Competition 2019

The Macclesfield Canal Society are running a Photographic Competition in 2019.

We want the public to get out and enjoy Macclesfield Canal , it’s a wonderful space. This canal is a Green Flag winner , in fact the first canal in the world to win a Green Flag, and very picturesque so we want you share your experience with others, and possibly win a prize! So get out and enjoy your local canal and take a photograph and enter our competition…..

Although the Macclesfield Canal has been with us for over 180 years and runs from Kidsgrove in the south (connected to the Trent and Mersey canal) and Marple in the north (connected to the Peak Forest canal) not everyone is aware of its existence. We want to try and help change that, and also make you aware of the work that is done to help maintain this space clean and enjoyable for all.

So, we are looking for you to submit your photographs between January and May 2019, taken on the Macclesfield Canal, so the theme is “Winter and Spring on the Macclesfield Canal “. There are two age categories under 16 (junior)and over 16(adult). The Prize money(adult) is £30 for first place, £20 for second place and £10 for third place, the junior prizes are half those of the adults.

The entries will be judged by three judges (one from The Macclesfield Camera Club, one from the Canal Society and one local artist) entries will be judged at the end of May and the winners announced in June 2019.

Depending on the level of enthusiasm we may run this competition again in a couple of years time, with a Summer and Autumnal theme.

If you have any old photographs of The Macclesfield Canal please submit these as we are also generating a Heritage File of the canal and would value your contribution to this.

Please submit your entries in a digital format by e mail to: and please let us know when, where (using bridge numbers will help) you took the picture .

For Rules see below……



Competition will be from January 10th2019 to May 20th2019 and photos taken of the Macclesfield Canal from Winter 2018/19 to Spring 2019 submitted. Closing time on the 20thMay 2019 will be 12:00 noon.

There are two age groups, Juniors (up to 16 in January 2019) and over 16’s or adult

Entries should be based on the Macclesfield Canal (i.e. not any other canals) and the competition would be open to all and taken during the period January 10th to May 20thin 2019.

Prize money proposed would be 1st£30 2nd£20 , 3rd£10 for adults, and half that amount for the juniors.

Submissions should be to the Secretary via e mail and in a digital format with suitable digital quality for printing in A4 format, with a photo title, location, date, your name, contact details and which group (ie adult or junior) of the entrant. E mail details are to be submitted to:

Only 2 submissions per person will be accepted, and no professional photographers (those earning more than half of their income from photography) to enter please.

We would like to use this opportunity to collect older photographs of the canal to contribute to the Heritage File we are working on with the Canal and River Trust, these to be submitted in the same way.

The judges (three of them) will make their selections in late May and the prize winners contacted by e mail in June also announced in the local press. The judge’s decision will be final. Entrants accept that if they win they will be contacted in June 2019 by e mail or phone and their photograph and name will be published in local and online media.

If your photo includes people you are to ensure those photographed have given their permission, and that your photo does not infringe on any copyrights or privacy rights. Please do not submit multiple photos of the same subject.

Copyright for all images entered into this contest remain with the respective entrant, however, each participant grants a worldwide royalty free perpetual licence to The Macc Canal Society to feature any of the entries in all media (including on line and printing) for publicity, and educational purposes.

By entering this competition, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above.